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Top 5 Best Teas

The Benefits of tea are endless. Certain Teas act as a powerful antioxidant which cleanses you from the inside. The way to keep our bodies healthy starts with what we ingest into our bodies. The way to heal our bodies starts from within as well. Quick example, Someone who suffers from acne often is prescribed a cream to put on their face which harms the bacteria we need on our face for protection eventually causing more harm than good. If only that someone had known to simply drink a Basil Tea every morning to rid themselves of acne! I can go on for pages and pages on the benefits of tea but I will simply everything for you and make it easy. 

#5 Tieguanyin Tea

Tieguanyin tea is rich in antioxidants and is known to increase energy and helps with weight loss due to the vitamins and amino acids found in Tieguanyin. It is a caffeinated tea but people tend to not have the jittery side effects. Tieguanyin tea drinkers agreed on having better mental focus with consumption of tea. Tieguanyin tea is by far one of the tastiest teas out there in our opinion. Click Here to Learn More

For those of you who fear that tea bags are made of plastic, or simply want to seem a bit more sophisticated below you will see my personal favorite Tea infuser. Enjoy! Click Here to Learn More

#4 Jasmine Tea

Jasmine is an ingredient in over 80% of all women’s scents and over 30% of male perfumes making it one of the most used flowers in the world. Both Jasmine tea and Jasmin Green tea are full of anti-oxidants that promote weight loss with an additional benefit that is corrected as a sleeping aide when, but for best sleeping aide results try to use strictly JasmineFlower with out Green tea. I put link below for Herb only (strictly Jasmine Flower). Some researchers believe that Jasmine has anti-cancer properties. Lastly Jasmine tea has been directly correlated with aiding those who suffer with sexual responsivenessClick Here to Learn More

#3 Hibiscus (Jamaica)

Hibiscus Tea is jam packed with anti-oxidants that are known to help lower high blood pressure by inducing weight loss. Also, Hibiscus tea is known in the medical community for its antibiotic properties which help kill bad bacteria. Many people drink coffee to induce bowl movements and Hibiscus tea will induce similar bowl movements but without the kick of caffeine. Either you will hate the acidic taste or you will love the acidic taste. Click Here to Lear More

#2 Chamomile Tea

One of my personal favorite, Chamomile tea has bee used for various things most having to do with calming effects and as a sleeping aide. As someone who would suffer constantly with anxiety this tea was life to me do to its soothing effects. Not only is this tea a life saver for people constantly on edge, but it taste amazing! With a hint of honey and lemon you will be off to la la land in no time. Click Here to Learn More

#1 Spearmint Tea (Yerba Buena)

For hundreds if not thousands of years spearmint tea has been used by people all over the world due to its healing properties. Our bodies defense system and immune system is located in our stomachs.It is no wonder why scientist have linked our stomachs as our bodies brain. One of the best teas with antioxidants, Spearmint tea is known in aiding abdominal pain, indigestion, loss of appetite, passage of gas, diarrhea and stomach ache. Spearmint relaxes the digestive tract muscles allowing the proper digestion therefore proper nutrient absorption. Click Here to Learn More

Bonus Tea- Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe)

Often when thinking about great tea we think China or Asia because of its tea consumption that dates back thousands of years. The benefits are truly remarkable with claims ranging from preventing cancer and alleviating heart disease. There is also research backing the beneficial effects for people suffering from diabetes. Also claims of significantly decreasing and alleviating mental stress. People suffering from skin complications like rosacea and eczema have claimed that Da Hong Pao was the key to alleviate such conditions. Click Here to Learn More