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Mind Detox: In our opinion the best option you can do to help your body soul and mind. People tend to not be able to do a mind detox because of the severe addiction we face as a human race to electronics.

Social Media:  Platforms like Instagram  Facebook  Twitter  the list goes on. Every time you’re on social media and you get that like or you get that retweet, your brain releases a chemical called dopamine. Therefore, leading your brain to become addicted to this dopamine released and it asked you for more and more which is why social media platforms like Instagram are so successful.

Pornography: As said by,  Believe it! Pornography is becoming a HUGE PROBLEM in our society. Pornography by far being the most destructive for your mental health. 

Effects: For the men and women reading this that are watching pornography every other day, you are addicted to pornography and the videos are brain washing you. Its ok, you can change and put a stop to it, but remember the first step is accepting and really wanting to change. For those pornography watchers, every time you watch negative influences, it is rewiring and brain washing you to think a certain way which in the end makes you feel depressed, shameful, and disgusted with yourself.

If You’re Lost: There is hope, because you are here now reading this wanting to change and if you continue to want to change you WILL CHANGE! Afterwards you will be able to overcome this disability that has been placed in our society. You will be uncomfortable at times because just like any addiction there will be withdrawals. Your brain is used to getting this constant dosage of dopamine, and to all of a sudden stop this habit of being on social media or stop your habit of watching pornography will have some effects at first. What is the cure to this you might ask?

The Solution: The way to overcome these addictions is to replace where the dopamine is coming from. For example, instead of dopamine coming from social media or pornography, your dopamine will now come from exercising, meditation, or a musical instrument ect, an overall positive action, and soon you will be swimming in triumph and feeling more amazing than you have ever thought in your life possible. We have gathered what we think to be the most important things to successfully have a complete mind detox.

#1 Minimal Cell Phone Use

Let’s start off by saying that 52% of you reading this right now are reading from a mobile device. Since our world has changes recently with the Covid-19 pandemic, We have begun to rely even more heavily on our mobile devices, but as they say, with great power comes great responsibility.  Don’t use that as an excuse to be on Instagram or tinder all day! Use mobile devices strictly to do what needs to be one like homework or for adults, work. Keeping mobile device usage to a minimal is absolutely CRUCIAL while undergoing this mental detox. When you get the urge to check social media do 10 squats or 10 pushups or my favorite meditate for five minutes.

#2 Exercise

 One of the most crucial steps to detox your mind. We need to replace your brains thirst for dopamine coming from negative places and replace it with dopamine and endorphins coming from exercise like biking, running, hiking ect. People who simply go cold turkey from social media platforms and other negative places tend to have a much harder time detoxing if they don’t exercise. Not only will you be doing your body a huge favor, but you will ease the toll on your brain and mentality by helping those chemicals balance out natrually.

#3 Meditation

Meditation is by far my most favorite activity to do because of the amount of joy and overall positiveness that comes after a meditation session. It has been said that people can go as far as healing themselves from horrific diseases and cancers simply by meditating to heal their bodies. Some of the most successful people on earth admit that meditation is a daily practice. Getting to the point of complete darkness in your mind while begins to cleanse your mind. Click Here to learn how to meditate.

#4 Detox Teas - Hydration

There is no question about it, we need to help our body as much as possible to do a complete mental detox because as you begin to mentally cleanse, your body will begin to release the bad chemicals left over like serotonin from all the negative thoughts. You need to help your body flush out all of those toxins in your system as soon as possible. It is crucial when undergoing any type of detox to stay hydrated by drinking lots of fluids specifically water and in our opinion teas with lots of antioxidants. click here to go to the five best teas to drink while doing a detox. Click Here to Learn More

#5 Liver Detox Supplement

All of our bodies are so rare and beautiful. Our organs are intertwined together so if one organ isn’t working at its full potential then none of the organs are working at their full potential. A crucial organ that many people overlook is the liver. Especially in this year 2020 with so many traumatic events happening month after month. People have been drinking alcoholic beverages at a substantial higher rate than before. This liver detox jump starts digestion to rid those toxins from your body which will results in much more energy, better digestion and overall a better you. The reason why liquid form is best for a liver cleanse is because studies have shown that the body uses up to 98% of a liquid extract compared to only about 39-53% of a tablet or capsule. Click Here to Learn More


Mathca Green Tea

Great doctors including Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr Oz have recommend the use of Matcha green tea powder. Oz said it is a tea every woman should drink every day.